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What is a Homebuyer Survey?

When deciding on whether or not to proceed with purchasing a residential property it is always recommended to have a survey and valuation carried out.

When purchasing a mortgaged property it is normal practice for a Mortgage Valuation to be carried out, however, this is prepared only for the lender, and should not be relied upon by any purchaser. It only deals with general aspects of the property in relation to its security for your mortgage. Having an independent survey will protect you from any Expensive construction, utility issues, or legal disputes that the property may be hiding.

If you’re not sure which survey is right for you – talk to us and we can give you independent advice on which survey would be the most suitable for you and your property.

Benefits of an RICS Homebuyer Survey

  • Get an accurate valuation of the property
  • Reveal any major faults with the property
  • Strong negotiation standpoint
  • Identify building improvement

For Commercial/Residential Surveys or Valuations